SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation

SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation

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The premium lighting control for novices and professionals!

This device was developed in-house and is supplied exclusively by LEDaquaristik!

Test it now in the simulator online!

The SunRiser 8 allows you to control your LED aquarium lighting exactly how you like. The device and its intuitive software interface makes its operation child's play. Slowly increase the brightness in the morning and create your own sunrise. Move on to intense midday light then simulate cloudier conditions when the light is temporarily reduced during the afternoon. With perhaps effects like a brief thunderstorm and flashes of lightning? Let the day fade away in the evening with a gentle sunset, then have subdued moonlight throughout the night.
These are only some of the possibilities open to you. The system can be programmed to suit your requirements and the light colours you have available, and extended at any time in the future. Operation and programming could not be any simpler over your local network and can be done using a web browser and end devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, notebooks etc. Programming knowledge is not required!

FAQ: Which LED bars and light colours are needed for light control / daylight simulation?


  • Compatible with all our LED bars
  • 8 separate and individually programmable channels, each max. 60W (multiple units up to the maximum)
  • Input for future sensor products (temperature, air moisture content and more. Currently not yet available.)
  • RJ45 connection for integration into the local network.
  • Internal 4GB microSD for storing the configuration and running time data.
  • Reset button for factory reset.



  • Separately settable daily sequences with any number of time windows for each channel.
  • If required, every weekday can be separately and individually programmed!
  • Time lapse function to check you configuration quickly
  • SmartControl – the LEDs are never controlled at maximum voltage, thus ensuring an optimum service life.
  • SunRiser algorithm - The dimming function is based on a unique algorithm that enables an absolutely smooth and "flimmer-free" dimming curve
  • Configuration and control using a modern, pleasant-to-use web interface optimised for all end devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs
  • Easy to understand, graphical and intuitive German+English user-interface
  • Simple creation of daylight and weather simulations with sunrise, sunset, moon phases, rain, clouds, thunder and lightning!
  • Online help, always up-to-date and in German+English
  • Update over the Internet (optional, you don't have to update the device).
  • Automatic integration into any IPv4 network with DHCP.
  • Automatic clock synchronised over the Internet using NTP.
  • Open-source software, customer additions are possible, continual further development with customer feedback.


Network and internet

The SunRiser 8 only needs a local network connection for access (setup, program modification).
An internet connection is only necessary for an update of the firmware. The actual operation at the aquarium can take place offline.
The operating software and all settings are located locally on the SunRiser 8.
The SunRiser 8 has a LAN port, no Wi-Fi. The SunRiser 8 is connected to your router via LAN cable and can therefore be reached via Wi-Fi.
If no network connection is available in the area of the aquarium, a "Wi-Fi Bridge" can help.
So you create a network access at any place by means of
WLAN to LAN Repeater or comparable devices, socket presupposed.
If there is no need to regularly access the SunRiser 8, a longer LAN cable can also be used if necessary.

Firmware updates with additions and improvements appear regularly and are free of charge!


Test it now!
We have set up a simulation test system so that you can become fully familiar with the software. Your final configuration of the test system can be saved as a backup file and then loaded into your "real" SunRiser 8. This is where you can find it:


Use with other manufacturers' LED lighting

The SunRiser is also compatible with other manufacturers' LED lighting.
These include all lamps, which are operated with a voltage of 12-24VDC and are basically dimmable.
More information about this topic here


Technical data:

  • Solid aluminium housing with compact dimensions of only 124x119x26mm
  • Input voltage: DC12V-24V 
  • Total power max. 20A 240W/12V 480W/24V
    per channel max. 5A 60W/12V 120W/24V

Scope of supply:

  • SunRiser 8
  • 8 connection plugs with screw terminals
  • Connection / adapter cable with yellow plug for power supply
    (If no power supply is ordered directly)
  • Network cable
  • Operating instructions (national language FR, NL, IT, DE)


Necessary equipment

To operate the complete lighting system requires one LED mains adapter, which we can provide you with here.
Please note as well that to operate up to eight LED bars does not require an additional adapter/distributor. The LED bars are connected directly to the SunRiser 8! The necessary plugs are included.


Source: The SunRiser 8 software is based on the following open-source products: jQuery, Moment.js, Font Awesome, Snap.svg, Google Open Sans WebFont, Tipr, CMP, ChaN FatFs, lwIP, libopencm3, tiny printf and many other open-source projects.



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