powerBEAM LED suspended lamp AFRICAN-SUN

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The powerBEAM LED lights are ideal for open or transparently covered aquariums with a high light demand. With a system power of 110W or 220W, the special features of these lights are the light colors specially adapted to your application, such as AMAZON-GROW for planted aquariums, AFRICAN-SUN for moderately to non-planted cichlid tanks and SEAWATER for seawater aquariums. Furthermore the powerBEAM LED lights are two-channel dimmable and therefore very suitable for day simulation and light control. The main light with 100W or 200W power can be used for sunrise and sunset simulation and provides outstanding brightness and color rendering throughout the day. In the evening and at night the separately dimmable moonlight (inner LED-circuit) with a maximum of 10W and 20W power respectively provides the very special effect in blue.

The powerBEAM is a suspended lamp and is mounted on the ceiling by rope suspension. The enclosed reflector limits the beam angle of the lamp from 110° to 90° if required, also diverts the scattered light downwards and also serves as glare protection. The die-cast aluminum heat sink has excellent thermal conductivity, so that the powerBEAM does not require active fans for cooling and is therefore absolutely noiseless.

info This light source is intended exclusively for aquaristics, terraristics and horticulture/plant cultivation and must not be used for other purposes (photosynthetic efficiency > 1.2 μmol/J).

Scope of delivery

  • powerBEAM luminaire
  • Reflector
  • Steel cable 150cm for suspension with safety carabiner and height adjustable ceiling mount
  • Adapter for connecting the main light to a light control, see connection


  • Main light with own integrated and dimmable MeanWell power supply. Control cable 250cm open wire, as well as 250cm cable for mains connection to 230V with Schuko plug, connection according to the SunRiser-High-Power-Solution principle
    (Power supply and adapter are already included with the powerBEAM!)
  • Moonlight with 250cm cable for connection to 12VDC, power supply is thus provided by the switching power supply unit of the light control.


  • Main light, via included adapter to DIMIX6, SunRiser 4+ and SunRiser 8, dimming range 10-100%, <10%=off.
    The dimming function of the power supplies cannot technically convert brightness values in the range of 1-10%, so that the LEDs switch on and off at approx. 10% brightness. If this should be disturbing, e.g. an eco+ SUNSET LED bar, which is operated directly at the SunRiser, can cover this lower dimming range and the powerBEAM then switches on delayed. 
  • Moonlight, directly via a dimmer or light control from our product range and separate 12VDC mains adapter, dimming range 0-100%
  • Not compatible with SunRiser 2+


  • Chip: High-Power 3030 LEDs
  • Color rendering index main light: 84 Ra (CRI)
  • Voltage: Main light 230V, moonlight 12V DC (direct voltage)
  • Lifetime LED chip: ~50.000 hours
  • Ambient temperatures: -30°C to +50°C, 10% to 90% RH.
  • Switching cycles until premature failure: approx. 100,000
  • Connections to further accessories are supplied according to the scope of order
  • Protection class: IP65 not suitable for underwater use!


Dimensions and weight Drawing see pictures
Version Dimensions
Beam angel
Beam angel
110W Ø335*H160mm 3,6 kg 110° Ø452*H122mm 0,4 kg 90°
220W Ø416*H167mm 5,8 kg 110° Ø552*H144mm 0,6 kg 90°


Main light Technical data
Version Total LEDs Lumen
Power /
Consumption Efficiency
110W 165 pcs 11.412 lm 100 W = 100 kWh/1000h 114 lm/W
220W 322 pcs 22.640 lm 200 W = 200 kWh/1000h 113 lm/W


Moonlight Technical data
Version Total LEDs Lumen
Power /
Consumption Efficiency
110W 20 pcs 538 lm 10 W = 10 kWh/1000h 54 lm/W
220W 40 pcs 982 lm 20 W = 20 kWh/1000h 50 lm/W


Light composition
Version Main light Moonlight
Ø RED 730nm RED 660nm GROW 3500K 4500K 5500K 6500K 11000K 13000K UV 380nm UV 410nm BLUE 450nm 13000K BLUE450nm
AMAZON-GROW 4349K 2% 8% 15% 15% 15% 10% 35% / / / / / 20% 80%
AFRICAN-SUN 8563K 2% 8% / / / 15% 30% 30% 15% / / / 20% 80%
SEAWATER >20.000K / 2% / / / / / / 44% 5% 5% 44% 10% 90%


Product Note Status Price
SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation
249.99 € *
SunRiser 4+ dimming control & daylight simulation SunRiser 4+ dimming control & daylight simulation
119.99 € *
DIMIX6 - manual 6-channel LED dimmer & mixer DIMIX6 - manual 6-channel LED dimmer & mixer
59.99 € *
LED power supply - high-performance switching mains adapter 12V DC LED power supply - high-performance switching mains adapter 12V DC
From 35.99 € *
powerBEAM manual dimmer powerBEAM manual dimmer
14.99 € *
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