easyBEAM CREE LED spotlight

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LED lamps as replacements for 80W HQL or HQI lamps for the illumination of aquariums. They contain 12 ultra-bright CREE LEDs.

easyBEAM is suitable for all freshwater aquariums, including cichlid, malawi, discus and community aquariums. And for more intensively planted aquariums with the appropriate number of lamps.
In addition, easyBEAM create a splendid shimmering effect on the bottom; the interaction of light and waves, just as in nature.

Choose from 3 different light colours.



Light colour Description Luminous flux Efficiency

The light color PlantMix consists of a combination of 6x 6500K XPE, 4x 5000K XPE, 1x RED XTE, 1x BLUE XTE LEDs. Ideally suited for planted freshwater aquariums.

approx. 2300 lm approx. 128 lm/W

The light color DayLight produces with 8x 6500K XPE, 2x 5000K XPE, 2x BLUE XT LEDs a pleasant clear white light, e.g. for East Africa aquariums, scaping etc..

approx. 2200 lm approx. 122 lm/W
DeepBlue The light color DeepBlue provides with 8x BLUE XT, 3x 12000K XPE, 1x RED XTE LEDs a deep blue light, whereby the 12000K LEDs also provide a relative basic brightness, e.g. for sea water aquaria or to achieve a special depth effect.    
  • Dimensions: d=122mm, h=127mm
  • Configuration: 12x CREE LEDs
  • Dimmable: NO
  • Socket: E27
  • Beam angle: 90°
  • Output: 18 W
  • Weighted energy consumption: 18 kWh/1000h
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Service life: > 50,000 hours
  • Switching cycles until premature failure: approx. 100,000
  • Switch-on time: <0.5s

You do not need a ballast, only an ordinary lamp fitting with an E27 socket


achtungAn easyBeam cools itself through the surrounding air. You should therefore ensure that the heat generated by the lamp can be given off freely. If the lamp is used in a congested or sealed housing, it may fail prematurely because of the higher operating temperature.

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