Reflector - Shade - Mirror unit for aquaLUMix

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This reflector for our aquaLUMix serves as an anti-glare shield and maximizes the lighting intensity especially in the front or rear edge areas of the aquarium. It fits perfectly in size and color into the design of the aquaLUMix: Anodized aluminum gray on the outside, with a highly reflective mirror on the inside.

The installation is very easy, the reflector is hung into the aquaLUMix and fixed with the enclosed screws. But attention: When using the aquaLUMix in our adapter profile, lamp housing or carrier profiles, the use of the reflector is not possible.


Is the reflector used on both sides, only at the front or only at the back?

When used on the back, the decisive benefit is the reflection of the light and the resulting increased brightness in the back area of the aquarium. The scattered light is effectively used by the mirror unit and fed to the background planting, which is otherwise rather suboptimally illuminated. The mirror also reveals a completely new angle of view of the aquarium, virtually a top view from a comfortable position.

If the reflector is used on the front, it also serves as an anti-glare shield. This is particularly pleasant and advantageous for observers in a sitting position or children in front of the aquarium.

With reflectors on the front and back, the efficiency of the aquaLUMix is increased to the maximum. Even when the aquaLUMix is used hanging, we recommend using it on both sides so that the lamp is balanced and balanced.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece reflector according to the selection.
  • (For double-sided use 2 pieces have to be selected).
  • Mounting screws


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