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We have designed our products so that your way to a new LED lighting system could not be easier!

Thanks to the modular construction principle, you can put together your own aquarium LED lighting that will be flexible and individualised to suit your personal requirements and wishes. Whether it is a straightforward novice's kit to replace fluorescent lighting tubes 1 for 1 with a modern LED aquarium lighting bar or a sophisticated complete system in an elegant lamp housing with daylight simulation: With our aquarium LED lighting, you have absolutely endless possible combinations, and your lighting system can be modified or extended at any time in the future. We can help you design an LED aquarium lighting system that is perfect for you and your requirements.

What we send you is lighting that is ready for immediate use. All that is left for you to do is: Connect up the components with one another – then there is light! You will need no special tools or knowledge to do this; a screwdriver at the most. The further steps for installation into your cover, a ceiling suspension arrangement or whatever else your plan entails is left up to you. We supply the necessary accessories and instructions!

If you do not wish to use our complete kits, it is easy to put together your own individualised lighting system:

1. LEDs

Choose the number and light colours of the eco+ and/or PRO² LED bars. If you are uncertain or have any queries, please consult the relevant product descriptions, light comparison and the "frequent questions".

2. Power supply

A mains adapter (and if necessary a distributor/splitter if you intend to use more than one LED bar without a light control system) must be ordered separately.

Now you already have the basic components for an LED lighting system, everything else is optional:

3. Accessories

Extension cables, dimmers, daylight simulation system or fastenings are optional accessories and can be ordered at the same time according to need. A system that is simply switched on and off does not require the above optional accessories!

4. Delivery

The goods are delivered by the insured DHL parcel service. You will receive your consignment number by e-mail, which will allow you to track your delivery online.  Normally, you should have your new lighting in your hands within 1-2 days of placing your order. Details of payment and delivery

5. Installation

You have various options for installing LED bars:

  • You use our deLUX aquarium cover and insert the LED strips into the light profile.
  • To install LED bar(s) in existing T5 or T8 waterproof tube sockets, we offer special holders.
  • Silicone feet. They allow you to install LED bars very simply, e.g. on the transverse or longitudinal struts or even on the cover plate.
  • Our lamp housing is manufactured in aluminium to a modern-looking design and has a very slender cross section. It is particularly suitable for open or glass/acrylic-covered aquariums and can be individually configured with our LED bars. The free choice of fastenings means it can be flexibly used as a side-mounted lampsuspended lamp or as a frame-mounted lamp as well as inside the aquarium cover.
  • With the LED adapter profile, JUWEL and EHEIM aquariums can be upgraded very quickly to a modern LED lighting system. The existing conventional T5 or T8 batten fittings can be replaced 1 for 1 and the cover plates retained.
  • If you don't choose one of the above mentioned solutions, 2 screws 2,9x6,5mm are included in delivery which you can use to fix the LED-strip directly.
  • Among our "individual and replacement parts" you can find everything you need for a customised installation.

The many customer photographs on our "example installations" page will show you further possibilities and suggestions for your aquarium.

6. And that's it done!

Plug it in and start saving electricity!

You can find up-to-date product information and operating instructions on our Download page


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Service feature: order check

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Are you unsure whether the selected products are compatible with each other or whether something important has been forgotten?

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Service feature: programming

Product no.: 098

The lighting control system should be ready to go immediately? Then the "programming service" is just right for you!

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Service features: pre-assembly

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So you can be sure of the quickest possible start with your new lighting!

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LED sample case - Decision support - Loan home

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Test LEDs, light colours, fastenings, controls, etc. at home to make the best purchase decision for you!

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LEDaquaristik ornamental fish bag, ornamental fish bag, fish transport bag 100pcs

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Broadband mains filter with overvoltage protection EMZ 504

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For broadband high-frequency interference suppression of electrical loads with earth contact connection.

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