PRO² LED with heat recovery (=LED water cooling)

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PRO² LED bar SUNSET 3500K - watercooled

Product no.: 022-xxxx

Warm light with a high proportion of red, advantageous for planted aquariums and used in combination with another light colour where appropriate.

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PRO² LED bar TROPIC 4500K - watercooled

Product no.: 023-xxxx

Slightly warm, tropical light, advantageous for planted aquariums.

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PRO² LED bar DAY 5500K - watercooled

Product no.: 024-xxxx

A pleasant, pure white light, very natural looking, like a sunny day with a cloudless sky

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PRO² LED bar SKY 6500K - watercooled

Product no.: 025-xxxx

A very bright, neutral, white light with a slightly blue tone.

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PRO² LED bar POLAR 7500K - watercooled

Product no.: 026-xxxx

A cool, white-blue light, but very natural. Freshwater and seawater.

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PRO² LED bar REEF 11000K - watercooled

Product no.: 027-xxxx

The light colour REEF is a light with a higher blue proportion, which is mainly used for seawater, but also perfectly suitable for freshwater aquariums.

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PRO² MIX LED bar RED/ROYAL BLUE- watercooled

Product no.: 030-xxxx

PRO² MIX - one LED bar - two light colours. In this case the effect colors BLUE and RED, can be used separately.

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PRO² MIX LED bar SUNSET/DAY - watercooled

Product no.: 031-xxxx

PRO² MIX - one LED bar - two light colours. In this case the light colors SUNSET and DAY, can be used separately.

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PRO² MIX LED bar TROPIC/SKY - watercooled

Product no.: 032-xxxx

PRO² MIX - one LED bar - two light colours. In this case the light colors TROPIC and SKY, can be used separately.

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New PRO² MIX LED bar GROWx5/TROPIC - watercooled

Product no.: 033-xxxx

PRO² MIX - one LED bar - two light colours. In this case the light colors GROWx5 and TROPIC, can be used separately.

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New PRO² MIX LED bar GROWx5/POLAR - watercooled

Product no.: 034-xxxx

PRO² MIX - one LED bar - two light colours. In this case the light colors GROWx5 and POLAR, can be used separately.

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Compared to the eco+ version, the PRO² LED strip is equipped with twice as many LEDs and thus has an outstanding light output. In addition, the heat recovery system (water cooling of the LEDs) saves heating costs and protects the LEDs.

The energy-efficient PRO² LED strips for heat recovery are available in lengths from 47 to 135 cm and in 6 different light colours. This results in an almost infinite number of possible combinations, which make it possible to obtain aquarium lighting exactly according to your requirements. No matter whether the edge is 60cm or 300cm long, the aquarium is brilliantly presented, opening up an extraordinarily vivid and colourful underwater world.

Whether minimum or maximum lighting requirements. According to the principle of a modular design system, the LED lighting is individually arranged according to personal requirements and wishes. The system can also be expanded at a later date. The only thing that should be considered at the beginning is a power supply unit with sufficient power for later projects.



The use of water cooling is an advantage, but not mandatory. The temperature-optimised aluminium profile of the PRO² LED bar also provides passive cooling. But with active water cooling, the LEDs are optimally cooled, the waste heat from the LEDs is put to effective use and the aquarium is heated.

Water cooling: In spite of the much higher efficiency of LEDs compared with conventional lighting systems, LEDs also convert part of the energy they consume into heat. This heat must be conducted away by a cooling system, either passively through an aluminium profile and/or actively.

The PRO² LED lamps can operate with a water cooling or heat recovery system, which means the LEDs are always within their optimum temperature range. Because starting of the first day a LED, whether for household or aquarium application, loses slowly but continuously its luminosity. The value of LED chip service life (eg 50,000 hours), as it is found in the technical data, says that the LED delivers only 50% of the former luminosity after this period of operation. An optimal working temperature through cooling significantly counteracts this creeping process.

Heat recovery: Heat energy that is lost in conventional LED lighting and remains unused is effectively used with the PRO² LED lamps. The system supplies the resulting waste heat to the aquarium water and thus noticeably relieves the aquarium heating.

The water cooling with heat recovery becomes a great advantage of your aquarium.
Simple - ingenious!


* The graphic shows exemplary values: Room temperature, heater, water volume etc. must be taken into account and lead to individual results.


Advantages and functions:

  • The LEDs work within their optimum temperature range, which maximises the output of the LEDs and extends their period of peak lighting performance.The heat recovery / water cooling system uses the waste heat from the LEDs and feeds the aquarium with warm water.
  • The electricity consumed by the aquarium heating is drastically reduced.
  • PRO² LED bars with heat recovery pay for themselves very much quicker than other LED lighting systems: Lower electricity consumption with light and heat!
  • The two integrated XL channels that provide water cooling to the LED bars ensure high flow rates, excellent cooling properties and very high efficiency.
  • You can feed the water cooling system through a bypass in your filter system's water circulation circuit or by means of a separate pump.
  • The system is nearly maintenance free and extremely durable thanks to high quality components manufactured from stainless steel and silicone.
  • As you would expect, you can connect several PRO² LED bars together in parallel or in series.
  • Low-noise operation


Water cooling connection


  1. 180° silicone bends for connecting the feed and return sides. (Included in the scope of supply)
  2. Cooling and warm water connections; hoses can be cut to length as required.
  3. Version 1: Cooling water feed by bypass. Select an adapter (T-connector) that matches the existing hose system.  Use the hose line that feeds the filtered water.
    Version 2: Alternatively the cooling water can be taken directly from the aquarium by means of a minipump. (See Accessories)


Calculation of the water temperature when using heat recovery

Volume of water:

Length of edge:


Water level:

Room temperature:

°C   (= temperature of unheated water)

Number of

144 cm:

115 cm:

89 cm:

74 cm:


Number of






Insulated surfaces: Left
Top (Deckel)

Estimated water temperature:

The result provides an indication of how much the heat recovery system contribute to heating your aquarium water (= relieving the load on the aquarium heating = saving energy). Please note that the calculation does not take into account any other sources of heat, such as pumps or heating elements.


Field of use

Suitable for all aquariums, freshwater and seawater! Which and how many LED bars you need in the end depends on the tank size, aquarium type, features, equipment and fish population, see FAQ and Light comparison.


High-power LEDs

Compared to the eco + version, the PRO² LED bar is equipped with twice as many LEDs and therefore has an outstanding light output. Ultra-bright high-power LEDs are used, depending on the light colour, these LEDs emit more than 4600 lm/m and are therefore 33% brighter than the same number of conventional standard LEDs (5050). Energy efficiency class A+ More information


Light colours

The diverse range of possible combinations of 6 different light colours offer optimum solutions for all areas of aquaristics, from seawater aquariums to full-spectrum light for luxuriant plant growth. See Light comparison
Available light colours of PRO² LED bars: SUNSET, TROPIC, DAY, SKY, POLAR, REEF
In addition, PRO² MIX LED bars are configured with two different light colours placed parallel to one another, each capable of being switched and controlled independently, as you would expect. It is assumed that the system has the appropriate mains adapter(s) and/or light control.


Colour rendering

The superior colour rendering of up to 90 Ra (CRI) ensures your underwater world is vivid and full of colour. Your aquarium will shine out more clearly and brilliantly than one with fluorescent tubes.



Thanks to the almost 180° beam angle (ClearSealing) and extremely high output, the system covers the whole area with a uniform level of illumination. This enables even large aquariums to be lit by only a few LED bars. (Depending on fish population, planting and personal taste in every case).


Design freedom

LED bars give off light directionally unlike fluorescent tubes, which very much scatter their light, and hence LED bars do not require reflectors. This advantage and the ability to position LED bars almost anywhere on the aquarium (front, back, centrally, diagonally) offers the user undreamt-of design freedom. Experience this new kind of effect of depth.


Shimmering effect

Water movements at the surface combine with the LED light to create a shimmering effect at the bottom of the aquarium, which is just like the interplay of light and shade resulting from waves in nature.



ClearSealing - A special production process in which a special high-performance silicone gives the LED bars a watertight seal: UV and temperature stable! More information



Of course all our LED bars are manually dimmable and/or also suitable for automatic daylight simulation.



An LED bar is manufactured out of a solid piece of aluminium, which makes it very compact, strong and maintenance free. The very slender dimensions of PRO² LED bars allow them to be installed in the tightest of spaces. The bars are each only 32mm wide and 18mm high, and are currently available in lengths from 47 to 135cm. During manufacture, LEDs are directly and permanently attached to the cooling body.



You have various options for installing LED bars:

  • You use our deLUX aquarium cover and insert the LED strips into the light profile.
  • To install LED bar(s) in existing T5 or T8 waterproof tube sockets, we offer special holders.
  • Silicone feet. They allow you to install LED bars very simply, e.g. on the transverse or longitudinal struts or even on the cover plate.
  • Our lamp housing is manufactured in aluminium to a modern-looking design and has a very slender cross section. It is particularly suitable for open or glass/acrylic-covered aquariums and can be individually configured with our LED bars. The free choice of fastenings means it can be flexibly used as a side-mounted lampsuspended lamp or as a frame-mounted lamp as well as inside the aquarium cover.
  • With the LED adapter profile, JUWEL and EHEIM aquariums can be upgraded very quickly to a modern LED lighting system. The existing conventional T5 or T8 batten fittings can be replaced 1 for 1 and the cover plates retained.
  • If you don't choose one of the above mentioned solutions, 2 screws 2,9x6,5mm are included in delivery which you can use to fix the LED-strip directly.
  • Among our "individual and replacement parts" you can find everything you need for a customised installation.

The many customer photographs on our "example installations" page will show you further possibilities and suggestions for your aquarium.


eco+ or PRO² ? The difference:


An outstanding price-performance ratio
with a wide diversity of variants.


Meets the highest demands
at maximum power
and innovative cooling


LED configuration

72 LEDs/m

144 LEDs/m





Up to approx. 2900 lm/m

Up to approx. 4600 lm/m


Up to 105 lm/W

Up to 108 lm/W

Available light colours


6 (+3 MIX)

Available lengths

7 (20-140cm)

5 (47-135cm)


Passive by
aluminium cooling body
on the LED bar

Passive or
Heat recovery
(LED water cooling = aquarium heating)


Slender, lightweight
with the minimum

Compact LED bar
manufactured out of a solid
piece of aluminium

Cross section



Max. configuration of
lamp housing

4x eco+ LED bars in parallel

2x PRO² LED bars and
1x eco+ LED bar in parallel


Further details in the product descriptions.

Choose from 6 different light colours:

To see a comparison of the various light colours, you should visit our Light comparison page.