pure aquarium cover - titanium grey

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pure aquarium cover - titanium grey


The pure aquarium cover from LEDaquaristik offers the highest level of quality and functionality. This cover convinces with puristic design and a practical and simple sliding technique of the cover plates. The frame is made of aluminum and also serves as a mounting solution for the eco+, PRO² and aquaLUMix LEDs. (if necessary, the TRIO bracket (accessory) is required). But also LED products of other manufacturers can be flexibly integrated into the frame of the cover. For aquariums from 60x30 to 150x60 centimeters, the pure aquarium cover offers an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Choose from the variants for

  • Aquarium Standard (long side on the wall)
  • Aquarium room divider (short side on the wall)
  • Aquarium with inside technical shaft

each available in the colors titanium gray or white.
Alternatively also without cover plates for glazing by the customer.

The function. Simple. Convincing. The sliding lid is in two parts, each with a handle hole on the outside. A sealing lip for the upper panel ensures that ExAb_ST_GRdripping condensation water is drawn off the lower panel. The frame offers a groove for hanging the lighting (e.g. with the TRIO bracket or aquaLUMix with standard bracket). This allows the lighting to be positioned freely in the frame and moved as required. It is also possible to mount the lighting in the frame at 90° to the water surface for very special effects in light simulation, e.g. for a horizontally shining moonlight above the water surface.

The choice. Flexible. Variety. Far more than 500 possible combinations make this cover the first choice for square and rectangular aquariums from 60x30 to 150x60cm. Depending on the selection, the technical cut-out (for cables, hoses, etc.) is possible on the long side (standard) or the wide side (room divider), or even completely without (for integrated maintenance shaft).

The processing. Precisely fitting. High quality. Highest quality is our claim. A precise production of all components leads to minimum gap dimensions and maximum stability. The frame profiles are fully anodised or powder-coated, depending on the colour, which means that even cut edges and invisible areas are protected from corrosion and optically top.

The colours. Modern. Timeless. Two colour variants are available:  Titanium ExAb_RT_GR2grey (anodised) and white (powder-coated). Matt, brushed surfaces make this cover a jewel at the aquarium and some fish jealous.
The material. Uncompromising. Durable. The solid frame parts and their internal corner connectors made of dimensionally stable aluminium, the screws made of stainless V4A stainless steel and the lid made of aluminium composite panels stand for resistance at the highest quality level. Stylish silicone handles integrated into the lid round off the overall package.
The highlight are the inner sides of the lid plates, which have a mirror-like, highly reflective surface to minimize scattering losses and make the maximum of LED light usable.

The material. Uncompromising. Durable. The solid frame parts and their internal corner connectors made of dimensionally stable aluminium, the screws made of rustproof V4A stainless steel and the lid made of aluminium composite panels stand for durability at the highest quality level. Attractive silicone handles integrated into the lid round off the overall package.

The design. Slim. Functional. Not only visually the cover shows a clear edge. The well thought-out frame profiles allow comfortable lid sizes and thus almost unhindered access to the aquarium. The integrated XL dirt and water level screen (-38mm to the upper edge of the glass) ensures a clean and undisturbed field of vision all round.

ExAb_NutImportant to know:

  • The glass thickness of the aquarium is not relevant, the cover fits any glass thickness.
  • The stated dimensions for length and width always refer from outer edge to outer edge of the aquarium and leave no room for manoeuvre to exceed them. 1mm air per side is taken into account.
  • The maximum length of an LED light is always: edge length aquarium minus 7cm! Except aquaLUMix when mounted in the frame profile.
  • The minimum length of the lighting when using the TRIO bracket is tank length -30cm.
  • Size and position of the technical cutouts: up to 40cm 1x 10cm in the middle. From 50cm length with 10cm each distance from the corner 2x 10cm, from 120cm 2x 15cm, from 150cm 3x 15cm (1x centered)
  • The pure cover is manufactured to order, which is why this article is expressly excluded from the right of withdrawal. In case of uncertainties concerning the selection, we recommend our sample case!


Assembly instructions

  • Provide a soft surface to avoid scratches during installation on your new cover.
  • The delivery includes 8 corner connectors including 32 M5x5 Allen screws. These are screwed into the provided grooves of the frame profiles with the Allen key (2 per corner, see picture on the right). Make sure that the ExAb_Exploframe profiles are completely pushed onto the corner connectors and that a right angle is obtained. Otherwise, unattractive gap dimensions or a non-right-angled cover will result. For larger models we recommend an assembly with 2 persons.
  • After the frame has been mounted, it can already be placed on the aquarium. Please make sure that the glass edges are clean (no sand etc.). If an effect light is to be attached to the side of the frame, it is advisable to do this beforehand. A fixation of the frame with silicone is not necessary. If the cover should be removed from the aquarium regularly, a protection of the glass edges by simple adhesive tape would be recommendable in order to avoid scratches at the glass. Cables and hoses are led through the appropriate technical cut-outs.
  • Now that the frame is freely accessible on top of the aquarium, now is the best time to integrate the lighting and other technology.
  • The guide rails are inserted into the frame flush with the top edge of the frame on the long side. The rails are not fixed any further so that the cover can be removed completely at any time. The cover plates are used to fix the cover in place.
  • ExAb_MontageThe protective foils of the cover plates can now be removed and the silicone handles can be inserted. When inserting the plates, make sure that the upper cover plate has the sealing lip and that the groove holes are on the outside.


Scope of delivery:

  • 4 pieces frame profiles in length and colour according to selection
  • Sliding lid system in length, colour and number according to selection
  • silicone grips
  • 8 corner connectors with screws
  • 1 piece spiral hose 100cm for cable bundling
  • Without lighting





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