Broadband mains filter with overvoltage protection EMZ 504

Broadband mains filter with overvoltage protection EMZ 504

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The universal broadband mains filter EMZ 504 is an optimal basic protection for broadband high-frequency interference suppression of electrical loads with earth contact connection. The EMZ 504 is designed as an adapter plug and is simply plugged between the socket and the LED power supply. The compact adapter in a modern design is suitable for universal use in the office, in IT infrastructures or at home. An integrated overvoltage protection supplements the high-frequency filtering in order to dissipate dangerous impulses through switching processes, lightning strikes or electrostatic discharges.
The EMZ 504 is a product made in Germany, developed and manufactured by AUTH NachrichtenTechnik GmbH. For over 40 years, AUTH has been a manufacturer of interference suppressors and passive antenna components for professional applications and home use.


  •     external retrofitting simple and inexpensive
  •     for sensitive and valuable LED lighting and home electronics
  •     ground conductor choke
  •     compact and stable housing
  •     contemporary design

Technical data

  •     Mains load: 4.5 A, 250 V, 50 Hz
  •     Interference suppression spectrum: 10 - 40 dB, 70 kHz - 200 MHz, D/Type 3
  •     Equipment: Protective contact, overvoltage protection  

Why overvoltage protection makes sense.

While our LED lights have been on the market since 2013, there have also been occasional complaints. This can never be completely avoided, even with the greatest quality efforts.
Unusual, however, are those (only approx. 0.1% of all orders) in which LED strips already showed partial or complete failures after a relatively short operating time of only a few weeks and months. As a result, these defective LED strips were replaced by us, but unfortunately this only provided a short-term remedy and a similar error pattern was soon apparent. Here the assumption was obvious that overvoltage in the network of the customers was the reason for the failure of the LED lighting. We have therefore examined this topic more closely.

Observe overvoltage protection.

Even if you immediately think of a thunderstorm and lightning strike, overvoltage damage to the LED lighting usually has other, less conspicuous and insidious causes.
A lightning strike leads to a short-term overvoltage and to immediate failure and irrevocable defect of the lighting. Cause and effect are immediately and clearly recognisable. But there is also the long-term overvoltage. This initially goes unnoticed, but considerably impairs the service life of the LED lighting until visible damage and progressive failure occur after just a few weeks and months.
It is already sufficient if fluorescent tubes are operated in the same circuit with conventional ballasts (e.g. another older aquarium lighting) or electric motors (e.g. in vacuum cleaners, drills, etc.). This results in voltage peaks in the nano- or microsecond range, i.e. short-term increases in the mains voltage caused by switching operations in the electrical circuit or electrostatic discharges. For a short time, up to 10,000 volts are released into the line, only for fractions of a second, but this is sufficient to irreparably damage LED modules, electrical components or power supply units. Even power failures in the environment indirectly cause considerable overvoltages when the power is restored and all possible consumers suddenly resume operation at the same time.
How such an event affects the mains in your home and consequently the LED lighting depends on the type of installation and the protective circuits installed by the electrician. If you experience a massive failure of the LED lighting within a few weeks or months, it is in all probability not the quality of the LED lighting, but external influences. A mains filter with overvoltage protection should be installed on the affected supply line. Our LED lights can reach the value of a computer or television set, so you should protect them at least equally against overvoltage. Damage to the LED lighting caused by overvoltage is expressly not covered by the warranty. Therefore the broadband mains filter with overvoltage protection EMZ 504 is our recommendation in case of an unclean power grid and/or in case of overvoltage problems, or it can be seen preventively as a kind of "insurance".


Frequently Asked Questions

One already finds a surge protection for under 10€ in various online shops, where is the difference?

Our offered mains filter cannot be compared to usual overvoltage filters. The higher price can be explained by a more complex circuit design.
An EMZ 504 is the combination of overvoltage protection and upstream mains filter, see diagram. A mains filter attenuates impulses caused by transient overvoltages by means of a low-pass circuit consisting of a choke and suppressor capacitors (left circuit part). These transients consist not only of DC voltage, but also of high-energy high-frequency components.
The subsequent overvoltage protection circuit closes short at a defined voltage switching threshold in order to protect connected devices from overload or destruction.


Do I have to use an overvoltage protection, how can I check my power supply?

The fact is that only about 0.1% of our customers are affected. However, it is also a fact that electrical appliances and thus potential sources of interference in the household are constantly increasing.

There are also power meters for mobile use (several thousand euros) that allow an analysis at frequency and time level. However, the operation and above all the interpretation requires electrotechnical expertise. End customers are usually unable to make a statement. There should also be simple, inexpensive handheld devices that allow a rough assessment of the network quality or load. However, we cannot judge the quality of these devices.
On-site measurements by service providers (from 200€/h incl. travel and ancillary costs) are a cost-intensive alternative.

Our customers use filters if damage has already occurred in advance. Often our mains filters are also used preventively as a kind of "insurance".

Is the lifetime of the EMZ itself limited by a surge event?

The life cycle of the integrated surge protection depends on the type and duration or number of surge loads. Only high-energy pulses such as lightning strikes quickly lead to the thermal destruction of the protective components. Many pulses that can be caused in the network by other electrical devices are often not so energetic that the protective components can withstand a large number of pulses. As soon as the protection is no longer given due to ageing or maximum stress, this is indicated by the indicator light extinguishing. A filter has fulfilled its protective function and must then be replaced.


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