LED power supply - high-performance switching mains adapter 12V DC

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High-performance LED switching mains adapter for operating our LED lighting bars (12V DC)

An extremely high-quality LED switching mains adapter that sets standards in quality and performance. This excellent LED power supply puts the usual plastic desktop power supply in the shade and is therefore our clear buy recommendation!

Special characteristics:

  • High-quality manufacture
  • Solid construction in an aluminium housing
  • Durable
  • High efficiency
  • Low heat generation

These mains adapters* are compatible with all lighting control systems*, dimmers* and distributors in our range of products.

*Please observe the maximum connected load in each case!


What power output do I need? Please use our calculator to find out:

Power supply calculator
What / how many LED lighting bars are to be powered?
eco+   PRO²   aquaLUMix
Number Length Model   Number Length Model   Number Length Model
- + 140 cm eco+   - + 135 cm PRO²   - + 144 cm aquaLUMix
- + 116 cm eco+   - + 106 cm PRO²   - + 115 cm aquaLUMix
- + 100 cm eco+   - + 96 cm PRO²   - + 89 cm aquaLUMix
- + 80 cm eco+   - + 75 cm PRO²   - + 74 cm aquaLUMix
- + 50 cm eco+   - + 47 cm PRO²   - + 54 cm aquaLUMix
- + 30 cm eco+   - +   nanoSPOT 20   - + 34 cm aquaLUMix
- + 20 cm eco+   - +   nanoSPOT 30   - + 24 cm aquaLUMix



checkThis is how it works: The power that the mains adapter has to supply is calculated by adding the individual power ratings (watts) of the intended LED lighting bars and then adding a further min. 10% reserve. The correct mains adapter is then the next larger model. Always allow for a minimum 10% power reserve in order not to overload the mains adapter! (Our calculator takes this into account automatically!)


infoFor the avoidance of any misunderstandings: The mains adapters themselves do not consume 30, 75 or 150W of power! But they are capable of delivering this power! Power consumption depends only on the connected LEDs and the efficiency of the mains adapter! When running under no load (i.e. when the mains adapter alone is plugged into an electrical socket, not connected to any LEDs or being used in any other way), it consumes only about 1W.



Technical data:

  • Input voltage 85 ~ 265V AC
  • Output voltage: 12V DC
  • Output power: Depending on model: 35W to 264W
  • Frequency: 47 ~ 63Hz
  • Efficiency >90%
  • Aluminium housing, IP67
  • Protected against short-circuit, overload
  • Cooling by natural convection 
  • Operating temperature from -40 to + 70°C 
  • Cable lengths:
    • 230V input 50cm with an EU Schuko plug,
    • 12V output 50cm (connection as specified in the order)
  • Dimensions and weight:




35W (2.92A)



100W (8.33A)


85 0g

150W (12.5)



200W (16.67A)



264W (22A)




Difference: Desktop mains adapter vs. switching mains adapter

Switching mains adapter: Premium mains adapter of good quality, solid construction in an aluminium housing, the highest efficiency, low temperature, very long service life

Desktop mains adapter: Lower-priced mains adapter of ordinary quality, compact design, plastic housing, high temperature, higher probability of failure






Product Note Status Price
LED splitter - distributor: up to 6 LED lighting bars connected to ONE mains adapter LED splitter - distributor: up to 6 LED lighting bars connected to ONE mains adapter
12.99 € *
LED dimmer (manual 1-channel stepless) LED dimmer (manual 1-channel stepless)
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DIMIX6 - manual 6-channel LED dimmer & mixer DIMIX6 - manual 6-channel LED dimmer & mixer
59.99 € *
SunRiser 4+ dimming control & daylight simulation SunRiser 4+ dimming control & daylight simulation
119.99 € *
SIMU-LUX dimming control & daylight simulation SIMU-LUX dimming control & daylight simulation
69.99 € *
SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation SunRiser 8 dimming control & daylight simulation
249.99 € *
aquaLUMix LED-light-bar FRESHWATER aquaLUMix LED-light-bar FRESHWATER
From 119.99 € *
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