Connector for extending cables

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Heat-shrink solder connector for extending connection cables:
Connect - solder - insulate - seal - in one simple working process.

Child's play! All done without a soldering iron or solder wire. The result is a watertight and more durable connection than with crimp connectors or screw terminals.

Scope of supply for eco+/PRO²:
2 No. solder connectors
1 No. heat-shrink hose

Scope of supply for PRO² MIX:
4 No. solder connectors
1 No. heat-shrink hose

You can find a suitable cable here!

Technical data:
Ingress protection type: IP67
Heat-shrink at: >110 C°
Temperature-resistance after shrinking: -45 °C to +125 °C
Length of solder connector: 40mm
Diameter 3mm, for cable cross-sections 0.5-0.75mm²


Instructions: Remove approximately 5 mm of insulation from the cables to be connected. Twist each of the bare cable ends and insert them, one from each side, until the ends lie parallel to one another under the silver ring (solder) in the middle of the connector. Heat the solder connector to approximately 110°C (it is best to use a hot-air gun, but it also can be done with care using a cigarette lighter etc.). The heat shrink sleeve reduces in diameter and sticks together, the solder melts completely and a watertight and very strong connection is produced. Hold the cable in position until the solder has cooled and become solid. The heat-shrink hose is transparent, which allows you to visually inspect the connection. Now shrink-on the supplied black heat-shrink hose around the whole connection for additional protection and to make it so the connection cannot be seen. AND THAT'S IT DONE.


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Extension cable metreware Extension cable metreware
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