SIMU-LUX dimming control & daylight simulation

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SIMU-LUX is a microprocessor-controlled, freely programmable daylight simulator (LED controller) with 5 output channels (12-24V). Each channel can be individually programmed and controlled. The maximum connected load is 48W per channel and requires a mains adapter with the appropriate capacity. The device is ideal both for the technically minded user and the ambitious novice. Programming and updating is done quickly and easily by PC and a USB cable. Using a 24-hour menu, you can program and simulate your own individualised daily lighting routines, appropriate to the available LED light colours.

  • Dawn
  • Sunrise
  • Overcast (static periods of cloud cover, rainy day etc.)
  • Midday sun
  • Dusk
  • Sunset
  • Moonlight

FAQ: What LED bars and light colours are needed for light control / daylight simulation?

The simulator also allows for storing more than one daily lighting routine (e.g. weekday, weekend, maintenance work etc. on the device and switching between the routines by pressing a button on the controller. The user goes through the menu on the device helped by a display, which also shows the current time. The device can be programmed through its internal USB interface using the supplied Windows software.

OSX: The software can also be run under OSX on a Mac without too much effort:
It needs a small, free additional program called WineBottler It requires NO new partition on the hard disk, nor does Windows have to install it, as is often the case. The programming software runs completely within the additional program. A simple solution that can be used by everyone.

Technical data:

  • Daylight simulator incl. programming software
  • Software kept up to date by online update
  • Fading times (program) can be set for a period up to 24 hours
  • 5 outlets each max. 4A output (multiple units can be connected, up to the maximum)
  • Total power max. 12V / 20A = 240W
  • Gradual PWM dimming
  • "Fade" or "Switch" mode programmable
  • Power-Off memory function (the last value is automatically output when the device is switched on again)
  • Digital display
  • Screw terminals for input and output
  • USB cable and software (download) are included
  • Dimensions: 120x69x24mm
  • Weight: 0.205kg metal housing
  • Input voltage: DC12V-24V 

achtungTo operate the complete lighting system requires one LED mains adapter, which we can provide you with here. Please note as well that to operate up to 5 LED bars does not require an additional adapter/distributor. The LED bars are connected directly to the SIMU-LUX!

infoThe the instruction manual (national language EN, FR, NL, IT, DE), the software and an example file are available by download.


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