Holders for T5/T8 waterproof tube sockets

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The holders to allow our LED bars to be mounted in your existing waterproof tube sockets.

There are two versions available, one for T5 and one for T8 sockets:

1 Set SOLO: For one LED bar per tube

1 Set DUO: For two LED bars per tube (only eco-+)

The holders are all the same length and can be withdrawn from the socket to the appropriate extent. The table below shows which fluorescent tubes can be replaced by which LED bars. A small refinement is that the LED bars including the holders may be rotated through 360° in the tube sockets. In this way you can set a special lighting accent, such as highlighting the back of the tank etc.

Please note:

Fluorescent tubes
(Length in millimetres)

...compatible with...

eco+ LED bars
with solo & duo holders

PRO² LED bars
only with solo holders

361 to 438


20cm, 30cm


549 to 590


20cm, 30cm, 50cm


849 to 895


50cm, 80cm

47cm, 67cm, 75cm



80cm, 100cm

75cm, 96cm




96cm, 106cm



100cm, 116cm


1449 to 1500


116cm, 120cm, 140cm




achtungThe tube sockets may only be used in future as holders for LED bars! The previous power supply to your fluorescent tube lighting must be permanently disconnected and will not be needed in future! The power is supplied by an external LED mains adapter. (see Accessories) The supplied blue protective sleeves prevent the penetration of moisture and protect the electrical contacts of your fluorescent tube lighting sockets.

Scope of supply: Mounting rails, protective sleeves, fastenings

Suitable only for ordinary waterproof tube sockets!

Not compatible with the aquaLUMix lights!


Possible configuration of the holders with LED bars: There are many different possible combinations. It is important that at least one LED bar forms a connection between the two mounting rails. The distance between the mounting rails varies according to the tube length and the LED bar.




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CleanCover - optional protective glass/splashwater protection for LED bars CleanCover - optional protective glass/splashwater protection for LED bars
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AddON adapter plate for installing additional LED strips AddON adapter plate for installing additional LED strips
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