High-quality aquarium LED strip - Experience th...

High-quality aquarium LED strip - Experience the benefits of LED lighting




Finding the ideal aqua illumination for your fish tank is not an easy task - the product range is enormous and especially beginners tend to experience difficulties whilst choosing the correct lighting system. Thankfully, LEDaquaristik provides the perfect solution for beginners and experienced aquarists: Our durable aquarium LED strip offers natural and gentle lighting for fresh water and sea water. 

Energy efficient, affordable and versatile: An LED aquarium lamp offers great benefits for you and your creatures. Discover our product range which includes 11 different colours and lengths from 20 to 140cm. 

Aquarium LED lighting is an efficient solution for your lighting issues: Choose an aquarium LED strip from our website



Running an aquarium can turn into an unnecessarily expensive occupation if you choose the wrong lighting system. If you decide to use our aquarium LED strip, however, you can easily reduce electricity bills, since LEDs are energy efficient and very economical. Combine it with an aquarium light control system and reduce energy expenses. 

Discover further advantages of our innovative aquarium LED strip: 

  • Natural and authentic lighting: Choose from warm, cool, and neutral tones.
  • Powerful: Depending on the model and colour, our aquarium LED strip can deliver more than 5000lm/m. 
  • Long-lasting and durable: Sea water is especially corrosive - many aquarium LED strips only last for a very short time due to this issue. However, LEDaquaristik LED strips are made from an especially durable material that is also suitable for sea water. 
  • No risk to health: Aquarium LED strips do not contain any kind of hazardous substances. 

Discover a wide variety of colours and models: LEDaquaristik's aquarium LED strips

Thanks to our wide product range we are able to offer LED fish tank lights for any habitat. On our website you can find warm lighting that is especially suitable for densely planted aquariums and cool lighting that should be used in aquariums that contain corals and reefs. Of course, we also offer neutral light that can be combined with both warm and cool LED lighting. 

Combine our aquarium LED strip with LED aquarium lighting or a light control system to create an LED daylight simulation. The natural and gentle transition between day and night benefits the health and development of your fish and plants.