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aquaLUMix LED-light-bar FRESHWATER

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aquaLUMix LED-light-bar AMAZON-GROW

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aquaLUMix LED-light-bar AFRICAN-SUN

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aquaLUMix LED-light-bar SEAWATER

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Alternative mounting brackets for aquaLUMix

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TITAN water cooling upgrade for seawater

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New Reflector - Shade - Mirror unit for aquaLUMix

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aquaLUMix, A new record in performance, functionality and quality

he choice of the right light color for the lighting of the domestic aquarium is very easy with aquaLUMix. LEDaquaristik has already equipped these compact lights with the optimal light composition based on years of experience. We offer 4 ready-configured lights for freshwater and seawater aquariums in a choice of 7 lengths, from 24 to 144cm. In the case of aquariums of over 144cm in length, two lights are simply combined together.

Depending on the inhabitants and set-up of your aquarium, as well as personal taste, you can choose one of 4 colour combinations - a fitting solution for every area:

  • FRESHWATER - Clear, bright colours for outstanding colour rendering, without being detrimental to plant growth. (e.g. for the classic company aquarium)
  • AMAZON GROW - A bright, tropical light with a focus on optimum plant growth, including Grow LEDs. (e.g. for thickly-planted Amazon or Asian aquariums)
  • AFRICAN SUN - A higher proportion of blue in the daytime light, augmented by a colour-intensifying light composition. (e.g. for cichlid aquarium with Malawis or Tanganyikas)
  • SEAWATER - Basically, a high proportion of blue with white and blue light, with additional special colours like red, violet and ultraviolet. (For seawater aquariums)

The aquaLUMix are optimized for the use of a light control and every variation is equipped with 4 separately controllable light channels, thus offering incomparable lighting options. Thus, besides light colours for general daytime lighting, LEDs for moonlight and sunrise are also integrated. In addition, a fastener, a splashguard and a water cooling system that can be used if necessary are already included. A suitable power supply and, if desired, a light control or splitter should be ordered separately!

You'll find details on this light and colour configuration in the technical data of the product sites.


Complete sets including power supply unit and light control can be found here:

...with SunRiser 4+

...with SunRiser 8

...with SIMU-LUX

...with DIMIX6



Light performance

The aquaLUMix is equipped with our proven high-power LEDs High-Power-LEDs of the latest generation, reliable long-life operation Our long-standing experience with the module system of the eco+ and PRO² LED bars has considerably benefited guaranteed the development of this new LED light. Depending on its length, the aquaLUMix comes with up to 498 individual LEDs and emits more light than most other aquarium lamps. The design of the light eliminates the risk of total failure. As long as there is power available, the light will shine.

Dimming and simulation

It goes without saying that the aquaLUMix offers an unrestricted dimming function as well as 4 separately controllable channels for the main lighting system including integrated effect colours for the simulation of e.g. moonlight, sunrise and sunset. In order to exploit the full performance of the aquaLUMix, we recommend using one of our light control systems, e.g. SunRiser 4+ or SunRiser 8. Thus, you can regulate the brightness of each channel as well as the resulting colour composition of the entire light system individually. The stepless operation of the SunRiser light controls allow for a virtually infinite variety of colours. As an alternative to the above system, our manual 6-channel dimmer DIMIX6 allows you to continuously dim and mix the light colouring via a slide control.

Whether you choose the automatic SunRiser light control system or the DIMIX6 manual dimmer – the dimming function is always stepless and prevents the lights from flickering and flaring.


The visually optimised CleanCover not only protects the LED technology, but also increases the beam angle of the lighting system up to 180°. Thanks to this and the huge light output, even large aquariums can easily be illuminated. In addition, the LEDs and CleanCover create the natural "crinkly" effect on the aquarium floor (interplay of light & waves), just as one would expect from a top lighting system.

Heat recovery

Use of the integrated heat recovery is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. The temperature-optimised aluminium profile of the aquaLUMix also enables a passive cooling system. However, with active water cooling, the LEDs are optimally cooled, the waste heat of the LEDs used effectively and, in addition, the aquarium is heated: which is why water cooling is well worth it and makes complete sense.


Calculation of the water temperature when using heat recovery

Volume of water:

Length of edge:


Water level:

Room temperature:

°C   (= temperature of unheated water)

Number of

144 cm:

115 cm:

89 cm:

74 cm:


Insulated surfaces: Left
Top (Deckel)

Estimated water temperature:

The result provides an indication of how much the heat recovery system contribute to heating your aquarium water (= relieving the load on the aquarium heating = saving energy). Please note that the calculation does not take into account any other sources of heat, such as pumps or heating elements.

If you decide to do without active water cooling, there must be sufficient air circulation; the existing openings for cables and tubes in the cover are usually sufficient for this purpose.

When using with sea water or deviant fresh water (eg very low PH), we recommend using the TITAN upgrade.

Whether it is cooled actively or passively - the aquaLUMix stands out for its perfectly silent operation!

Fastening / installation

The aquaLUMix is manufactured with an adjustable mounting brackets for fastening the light. Optionally, further mounting brackets are available for using the aquaLUMix as a top or drop light.

In addition, the blue, side installation brackets with boreholes are suitable for individual installation.

The aquaLUMix, with our beautifully shaped lamp housing in the colours black and silver, is also compatible as a side-mounted lamp, frame-mounted lamp or suspended lamp.

The LEDaquaristik adapter profiles for JUWEL and EHEIM aquariums can of course be likewise used for fastening the aquaLUMix light.

Our T5 / T8 holders are not compatible.


The imposing, solid aluminium light body is the product of high-quality manufacturing as is already evident from its weight, although its dimensions have been kept slender and inconspicuous. In addition, all screws and add-on pieces are of stainless steel.

The LEDs are sealed watertight with ClearSealing inside the light: UV and temperature-resistant!

The CleanCover already mounted is a splashguard of highly transparent, ultra-thin, shock-resistant plastic. It additionally protects the aquaLUMix from furring and accumulations of dirt and is very easy to clean.

The connection cable is an especially high-quality rubber-coated 250-cm, 8-lead flat cable.