LED spotlight HQL replacement

LED spotlight HQL replacement

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FlexBeam LED spotlight 20-75W

Product no.: 101

Configure your FlexBeam spotlights as you like: Light colour, output, beam angle, installation, reflector

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Standard LED spotlight 20W

Product no.: 103

LED spotlight for E27 sockets. Choose from 5 different light colours.

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FlexBeam replacement lenses and reflectors

Product no.: 101E
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LED spotlight as a replacement for HQL (high-pressure mercury vapour) lamps.

You do not need a ballast, only an ordinary lamp fitting with an E27 socket. (FlexBeam is also available with a cable feed)

  • Incorporates ultra-bright power-LEDs, which can supply more than 8000 lm depending on the model and the light colour.
  • Suitable for all aquariums such as perch, malawi, discus and commercial aquariums, as well as for more densely planted Amazonian and saltwater aquariums. Ideal for nano and large, open or glass-topped aquariums.
  • These LEDs give off a focused light, which increases efficiency and minimises light loss.
  • This creates a completely new effect of depth and the combination of water movement and LED light results in a beautiful shimmering effect on the bottom. This is due to the interaction of light and waves in the water, just as in nature.


We offer the following models:

FlexBeam LED spotlight





Standard LED spotlight



A 125W HQL lamp gives out approximately 5,000 lumen. In reality, the usable luminous flux is much less, because HQL lamps have to achieve a higher lumen value so that the lamp's reflector can use this luminous flux to provide enough light in the aquarium. The rest of the light is lost. In addition, the remaining somewhat higher luminous flux from the HQL lamp is no longer available after a few hours of operation, because HQL lamps very quickly lose their lighting power.
The LEDs in our LED lighting products use focused lenses with a 60-120° beam angle, which means losses are reduced to an absolute minimum!




You should also observe the ban on HQL (mercury vapour) lamps, which according to the relevant EU directive have been prohibited from sale since 2015!