B-grade goods

B-grade goods


The B-grade LED bars are all fully functional items. B-grade goods may include ex-display products, returns or LED bars that have not passed our final quality inspection and have defects on the silicone seal. Therefore ALL B-grade LED bars are expressly sold as non-watertight! (The water cooling parts of PRO² bars are watertight!) The functionality of these LED bars is not adversely affected if they are protected from moisture and high humidity during use.

The B-grade lamp housings we offer for sale have minor visible cosmetic defects. They may include colour defects, scratches or, for example, a dent. The defects will not affect the functioning of the lamp housing. In most cases, the defect will be on one side only and therefore you can fit the housing the appropriate way around so that the blemish cannot be seen. We cannot supply B-grade goods to order.

Please read the product description in the case of B-grade mains adapters and light control systems.

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LED adapter profile (previous model) for JUWEL

Product no.: B350

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SunRiser 4+ *B-Grade - CH2

Product no.: B154

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Delivery: 2-3 working days

Lamp housing BLACK 55cm *B-Grade

Product no.: B300-055

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Only few in stock
Delivery: 2-3 working days
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