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Customer opinions

This is what customers who are already using LED bars from have to say:

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Tobias H.: Hi, I installed the lamps this evening. A really easy process, push the LEDs in, clamp, plug-in and WOW! As different as night and day – as they say... In next to no time, my plants had tiny bubbles – something I have not seen since my old 360 tank with Hg lamps. *Happy* I'm really pleased that I didn't buy new fluorescent tubes but went for two 47cm Pros and a 20cm Grow instead. I can't wait to see how things go with the tank temperature: I've already turned down the heater. True – the tank cools down at night because the LEDs are on only during the day; but in nature there is also no heat at night. ^^

T.Marko.: A friendly hello to everyone! I have no questions but I would like to thank you for the products you sent me. I am absolutely delighted. I hardly recognise my aquarium with this superb lighting and the control system. The fish look really healthy. The way the light control system moves between day and night has to be seen to be believed. I have a RIO 240 with a lot of plants. It's simply the bee's knees and looks just as it would in nature or perhaps even better. Thank you! Thank you!.

Rolf M.: I have just replaced the old T8 system on my Juwel Vision 260 with a new LED system. I chose the complete package for the Vision 260 with "little" light and, although I had some initial scepticism, I have to say that it is superb. The whole system is cleverly thought out and very good to work with. All the components were delivered in perfect condition and the old system was replaced in less than 90 minutes. What's more, the light output from just one LED bar fulfils all my needs, so everything is super. Delivery was very quick, the goods were here after two days. Thank you very much


Malawi, Tanganjyka

Mülfer & Kai: Tanganyika aquarium (300 x 80 x 60)
Hi everyone, delighted after using your LED bars (Eco+) in our old Malawi tank, we're now running 4 20 cm 13000K Polar bars in our Tanganyika aquarium (300 x 80 x 60). The result is TREMENDOUS! The entire lighting effect in the tank is first class, the fish look healthy and the colours brilliant. The bars are controlled by the SIMU-LUX.
We thought we should send a quick thank you for the good products we have always received from your company, right from our first order. We have no hesitation in recommending you! Best regards from Ibbenbüren



M. Aichinger 120x50x50 "Tropheus" with 1x FlexBeam 75W, REEF MIX, lens: 120°, reflector: yes, installation: Cable & suspension wires
Hello LEDaquaristik Team! I have now installed the lamps and am very satisfied with the result. The colour is perfect for my aquarium and the shimmering effect is shown off to advantage. All in all – a perfect aquarium lamp!





J.Honring Juwel Vision 450 with 3x 116cm eco+ SUNSET, DAY, POLAR
Dear Team, I ordered the standard kit for my Juwel Vision 450 a long time ago – I'd say April 2016 – and now, because everything was manufactured carefully by hand, the tank is finally complete. Installing the lights was really easy – even for me – and I can definitely recommend their lighting effect. Thank you!



Aquadesign-syke 800L Malawi
I have worked with LEDaquaristik products for a few years and for me there is nothing better. I run my 180x70x60 tank with 2 80cm sky 1x 50cm red and blue and a Simu-Lux control system. The result is pure genius. You can also see this on our YouTube channel in time-lapse.



A.Flemmer 1400L room divider Malawi 200x100x70cm, 3x DAY 80cm eco+ transverse
I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for your good advice and great products. I set up a 1400 litre tank with dimensions 200x100x70 ... This tank is illuminated by 3 Eco "Day" bars, 80cm in length placed transversely...  The result is spectacular... So bright that I have to dim them... Incredible! 1400 litres and lit with 3 Eco bars – I would never have thought it possible... Thank you for everything, until the next time...



Leander, R.; Juwel Vision 450 aquarium
I had wanted to upgrade my Juwel Vision 450 aquarium to LED for a long time to make immediate savings on my electricity costs. What also prompted me to make this move was the realisation that LED lighting in my aquarium would bring out all the colours of the fish and plants much better. I have therefore upgraded my 4 x T5 fluorescent tubes to two LED bars (100cm, 1x REEF & 1x MARINE). In addition, I ordered myself an LED dimmer (manual, 1-channel stepless). The LED bars were no problem at all to fit thanks to the T5 holders (Solo) I ordered at the same time and were quickly installed on the Juwel T5 battens. I'm absolutely over the moon! I recommend any aquarium owner who has not yet upgraded to LED to do so without delay. The result is perfect. I also recommend that the order the articles from, because the lighting can be designed to suit your specific requirements thanks to the various installation kits. Dennis Rüsing is very pleasant, quick and competent. A super person to deal with. Many thanks for everything. Until the next time.



W.Philips, 720L Malawis, 2x eco+ POLAR 100cm
Hi Dennis, After the good advice I received from you on the phone, I decided to buy the Polar 2x100cm. It was exactly the right decision; a super, clear, bright light and more than enough for my 2m x 60cm Malawi tank. The aquarium is superbly lit and is even slightly dimmed. I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you once again for the rapid processing and delivery of my order



Rainer K., 1250L Malawi aquarium, 2x SKY eco+
Hi Dennis. I am more than satisfied!!! After a little initial scepticism about the light colour, I went for the light colour Sky after a visit to LEDaquaristik. Once again THANK YOU for the comprehensive and patient advice. The two 100cm long LED bars are enough to provide optimum lighting of my 2.60m long aquarium. Because I did not want individual lighting rails to detract from the overall look, on Dennis's recommendation I ordered a 2.20m aluminium U profile and assembled the lamps myself, which was also no problem. Through the use of a dimmer, which was also part of my order, I can regulate the brightness according to the time of day.
The LED bars have allowed me to considerably reduce my operating costs. I've checked the electricity consumption and the lamps together use only 48 W. The price/performance ratio is simply top-class! I can thoroughly recommend this technology!



Uwe W., 400L 150x50x50, eco+ TROPIC and SKY with SIMU-LUX
Hi Mr Rüsing, My Tropheus Red Rainbow tank, 150x50x50 400l with LEDs from your company is the bee's knees. After much hesitation and endless comparisons of light colours, I opted for Tropic and Sky at 4500K and 6500K respectively. Tropic 1x80 and 1x50cm with Sky 1x100 and 1x50cm, I can now see I made the best decision. And, of course, I also have SIMU-LUX light control.



MalawiBull 200x60x60 720L - Malawi - 1x POLAR eco+
Hi Dennis, My Polar LED provides such a beautiful light in my aquarium. It's absolutely wonderful. The fish are really radiant. Everything looks truly natural. We are now going to change over to your lights for our breeding tank. Top advice and service, fast delivery !!! Keep it up!



Dany, 160cm/570L, Malawis, POLAR/ROYAL BLUE
Hi Dennis, after a lot of thought, I decided in favour of your product. Polar in combination with Royal Blue is awesome and fulfils all my wishes. Your advice is top-class, delivery prompt and the price/performance ratio superb! I can certainly recommend your products.



Helgor, 160cm/670L Malawia aquarium, 1x POLAR
The Polar LED bar at 7000K attracted my attention. According to the description, these LED bars could do everything I was looking for. I thought about it, first one way then the other, and then placed my order, which comprised the polar bar, mains adapter, lamp housing with end caps, fasteners and a dimmer. Also thanks to LEDaquaristik for the speedy delivery and smooth communications. The lamp's already installed. I had to ask how to install the bars in place of the old fittings. Simple – old lamps out, new lamps in. It is child's play. It needed only a couple of plug and socket connections.
Result: I'm totally satisfied. Reasonably priced, low electricity consumption (20W), very powerful, natural light, visually successful solution, and the shimmering effect looks completely natural. Previously I had only 1 x T8 at 38 W, and now the light is as bright as 2 or 3 of the old tubes. My electricity savings are easily calculated. Replacing the tubes was absolutely problem free. I'm a bit of a kid really, so I had great fun with all these pieces of technology.
That's my experience, which I hope you will find helpful.



Roland and Claudia (900L 2,50m Malawi predator tank)
Hi Dennis. I received 2 daylight lamps today and have already installed them. It was really easy! The light is just as you said it would be! I'm so thrilled. If the lights can keep this performance up for a few years, they are truly the TOPS!! Absolutely worth recommending! THANK YOU!!



Birgit B. 250L Malawi
I bought the Sunset and Marine as a birthday present for my husband. For three weeks now, the bars have been suspended over my 250 litre Malawi aquarium and I am over the moon. The blue colour of my Aulonocara Stuartgranti Chilumba is shown off to great advantage with the Marine. Yet, in combination with Sunset, the light looks very natural. I was really surprised by the intensity of the light; undimmed, the two bars together would have been too strong for my tank, even though it is densely planted. Installation in my old Waterhome cover was done in a few minutes. I simply added a second cover of glass plates so that I have no problem with condensation. Best regards from Gütersloh, Birgit

Aqua-Treff club in Meerbusch, Thomas Engel
We have already switched the first block to LED lighting! We have been looking and trying things out for a long time!
Often the light colour did not suit us or the LEDs, although cheap, were correspondingly weak or the light and the output were OK but they were extremely expensive. Now finally we have found the optimum solution. There is hardly any noticeable difference compared with the previous T8 lighting.....except the electricity consumption!
The tank dimensions are - top: 270x70x40cm - middle and bottom: 130x70x40cm. Divided into two or three chambers on the middle and bottom. The top we have lit with 2x 100cm LED bars. The middle and bottom each have a single 100cm LED bar. We have also tested LEDs in another block. There we use 100x60x40cm with one LED bar 50cm long (10W undimmed). The lighting for the whole block can also be dimmed. This means we can reduce the consumption from about 300W per hour (probably an underestimate) to 120W per hour by switching to LED lighting, and a further 10–20% without it appearing any less bright. has a lot to offer us. The simple installation, good light output but above all the expert advice and the willingness to explain why we would not get by with an 08/15 solution. Last but not least: a really good price considering the price/performance of the solution! You can always find cheaper, but finding better is more difficult.




Andreas R.  (Tanganjyka, 400L, 1x DAY, 1x MARINE)
Hi Dennis, I am really super-satisfied with your LED bars, I ordered myself MARINE and DAY, and the light output is top-class. I operate a 400 L Tanganyika tank and must say that I am absolutely satisfied with my tank because the light finally looks natural. I also believe the fish appear much more peaceful and not so stressed. Thanks again. I have no hesitation in recommending you.

Markus P.  (600L Malawi aquarium, 2x DAY)
Hi Dennis. I'm very satisfied. I have installed 2 x 1m DAY bars in an existing suspended lamp (T5, 120cm long). This hangs approximately 40-50cm above the water surface. The tank is covered with glass plates. I don't need both LED bars to provide a beautiful lighting effect. At the moment, only one is switched on and I am super-satisfied! I can thoroughly recommend this technology!


Hartmut S. corner aquarium 400L (140x130x110x60cm) with 1x FlexBeam 75W 120° TROPIC
Hello, I ordered my FlexBeam 75W LED spotlight on 02.02.18. It arrived on 03.02. How fast is that! I have just installed the lamp and I am super-satisfied with the lighting effect. Half the watts and twice as bright...



Martin W. (375L 150x50x50 4x 116cm eco+ TROPIC, DAY, SKY, CORAL MIX, SIMU-LUX)
I'm super-satisfied with the kit I bought! Honestly, I am astounded at just how beautiful my aquarium looks. At first, I found the price for 4 bars + light control + mains adapter quite high, but I've tried out everything and have been dissatisfied with the lot until now! The colour rendering is a dream and the bars are individually adjustable. Putting everything together was not difficult for me. I ordered the light colours Day, Tropic and Coral; individually they don't achieve as much but in combination they are a dream! I have set the maximum lighting level of all 4 to 80%. There's no real advantage in turning it up! As a result, I manage with approximately 100W, whereas before I had 4x 54W T5 = 216W. All in all, I am totally satisfied and can truly recommend it! Price-wise, it's certainly not cheap, but you don't necessarily need light control etc., but it is nice to have.  I'd give it 5 stars any time.



Matthias H. (720L, 200x60x60, 2x 50cm eco+ SUNSET, 2x 80cm eco+ SKY)
Thanks very much for the super LEDs. Very quick delivery and top-class service! I had wanted to switch to LED for some time, but it was much too expensive for me until I hit on your website :) where I found top-quality at super prices! The difference in the colour of the fish compared with before is truly amazing!! I have 2x 50cm Sunset and 2x 80cm Sky bars controlled with Simu-Lux! It's awesome!!



Carsten H., 600L Amazonas, 1x SUNSET, 2x DAY,  1x POLAR in 100cm eco+
After I had tried my luck once before with LEDs from another provider and my plants became stunted, I was a little sceptical when I received LEDaquaristik's recommendations. After a couple of emails to and fro with Mr Rüsing, I decided to use 4x 100cm (1x Sunset, 2x Day and 1x Polar) LED bars to light my tank (L160xD55xH70cm). Everything went perfectly with my existing T5 battens! Instead of 160W T5, I now have 100W LED lighting. The light looks definitely better – all the colours are much truer. And after only 20 days, I can already see that my plants are growing... 




Heiko R., 1800L Diskus/Amazonas, 360x70x70xm, 3x SUNSET, 3x DAY, 3x POLAR 100cm eco+
After just about 8 months of struggling to find suitable lighting for our 1800 litre discus tank, we found this website quite by accident. Some other "experts" who were eventually to manufacture the lighting for us had said there would be no problem. But the result came nowhere near to meeting our expectations. And we had to pay the price. But now, after we have been using these LED bars on our tank for 3 months, our plants are growing again, the algae growth is receding and we are totally satisfied. Mr Rüsing even helped us with connecting to our aquarium computer, including all the cabling. And it's cheaper than the others. All in all: Simply superb.



Klaus N., 200cm discus aquarium, 2x DAY, 2x SUNSET
Hi Mr Rüsing, 5 days after changing the lighting in my 2 metre discus tank, I have to say that my online order (from your website) was easy to make, well-managed, and the shipping, packaging, contact and my first impressions of your LED bars are VERY GOOD!!!
Six months previously, I unfortunately converted my HQI lighting to flexible LED strips (4 self-adhesive strips, each 2 m long), which had the following consequences: the general lighting was completely OK, and was still functioning OK after six months. After approximately 5 weeks, I noticed the first signs of defective plant growth. After a further 6 weeks, there were serious signs of disintegration on the plants, pH values unstable, increasing deterioration (probably caused by the plants rotting), very fine residues from decomposition + low pH values meant I had to change the water more and more frequently, and more plants died off. The discus fish also appeared unwell. I had to urgently do something about the lighting, either switch back immediately to HQI or change to professional LEDs. And so I discovered    . . . The old LED strips were removed and 2 LED bars (Sunset) and 2 LED bars (Day) were installed in the aluminium lamp bodies following your recommendations. ==> WOW <==  I was immediately reminded of my 2 x 150W HQI, but with one big advantage: I now save a substantial amount of electricity and don't have to replace my expensive HQI lamps every 12–14 months. The discus were suddenly making a considerably better impression. To what extent the pH value stabilises and the remaining plants regain their health, I will now have to wait and see. The first impressions are extremely positive, however. Unfortunately I came across your LEDs too late and therefore, just as you say on your website was also your experience, I had to learn the hard way.
Update: Now, after almost 6 months of using your LED bars, I can and feel compelled to confirm my first impressions. I am now a convinced LEDaquaristik fan.
Plant growth in my 2 m discus tank has considerably improved. The discus also appear to be feeling in the best of health. The switch to these new LEDs produced to a temporary increase in beard algae – but now everything has stabilised just fine.
My initial scepticism has given way to complete conviction.
At the moment, I am controlling my lighting with several different time clocks – but that must come to an end. Conversion to your daylight simulation system with several channels looks very worthwhile to me.



Amateur discus breeding Uwe Breitkreuz
The workmanship and light output of the LED bars you supplied are top-class. I have installed Day, Sunset, Marine for my 450 litre aquarium, which I run with a JBL proflora m1006. The LED bars illuminate everything superbly, plant growth is very good, even for red plants... No stunted plant growth, on the contrary. To sum up – the supplied LED bars and accessories are highly recommended ***** stars  !!!

Community aquariums, plants

Andreas D. - 2x eco+ 116cm DAY+SUNSET controlled with SunRiser 2
Hi, I'm totally amazed by your LED lighting! I decided to go for eco+ LED bars Sunset 3500K and Day 5500K and had not expected that there would be such a big difference between them and conventional fluorescent tubes. The plants are growing "like mad" and the fish light up very naturally. Highly recommended!!!



Christian A. 200L aquarium with eco+ SKY
I run a 100x40x50 aquarium with one 80cm Sky LED and even that is dimmed to 75%. Because the tank was planted only with Cryptocorine, Anubias and mosses, the new lighting intensity needed to be rather low. But even with these plants, you can design a fantastic aquarium. My experiment to design a weakly lit aquarium has finally come to an end and, most notably, there is absolutely no algae growth. These LED bars work like a dream.



Hr. Glaß, 240L aquarium with SunRiser 8 light control
First of all, thank you the super advice, the high-quality products and the simple and straightforward resolution of my SunRiser problem. I have rekindled interest in my hobby and gone for some high-end LED technology. I'm fully satisfied with the results and so are my plants. My 240 litre aquarium set-up: Sunriser8 for the lighting design; a 100cm long eco+ bar of each of the following: Tropic, Day, Sky and Grow5 for the main lighting. In addition, I have a 50cm eco+ bar Red to simulate a beautiful sunrise and sunset and, of course, a 30cm eco+ bar Royal Blue to create a little moonlight atmosphere. I have an Orange and a Blue LED behind the back wall connected to the remaining two channels of the Sunriser8 to add greater effect during the sunrise, sunset and moonlight simulations.



Gert G. 150x60x50 with GROWx5, SKY and RED, BLUE for daylight simulation with SunRiser 4+
I would just like to express my thanks for the expert advice! My tank looks a winner and I am very satisfied with the lighting system: Good quality, easy to install and I've even mastered programming the SunRiser :-)



Thomas W., Lighting with additional GROWx5
I've had the GROWx5 working for a good week now! Awesome! I had no idea how extraordinarily beautiful the light would be. And the plants are assimilating like mad! I have an 80cm bar in use with a Daytime eco I already had... I intend to put something together for my Juwel Vio 40 now... I'm amazed!



Michael S., Proxima 175 with 2x TROPIC and 1x SKY in 50cm
The tank lighting is produced by 2 LED Tropic and an LED Sky. I think my South American aquarium is wonderful now that I've switched to LED. The plants are thriving very well, the fish (Bolivian butterfly, leopard catfish, neons and ottos) are perky. Your product is very good, easy to install thanks to the comprehensive description, and reasonably priced too. Best regards from a satisfied customer.



Heinz S., 150x60x60, 540 litre with 4x 140cm eco+
First things first, I am very pleased with the ordering process and delivery! The SunRiser 4+ is simple to operate and the LED lighting is super! My aquarium, 150x60x60, 540 litre freshwater GH6, KH4 pH7. Stocked with zebra loach, long-whiskered catfish and redline torpedo barbs. Lighting 1x GROW5, 1x 4500K, 1x 5500K and 1x 7500K, each 1400 mm. I believe the photo speaks for itself! Best regards from Bavaria



Jörg B., 300L aquarium with water cooled PRO² LED-bars
I've been an aquarium-owner for 40 years, but these LED are the absolute tops! After a few bad buys and learning the hard way, fortunately for me I discovered Because I operate a closed aquarium, I have no choice but to use the water-cooled bars. The PRO MIX creates a super light which you can control very well with the SIMU-LUX. Sunrise and sunset look spectacular! When the GROWx5 comes out with water cooling, I will add a bit more. The bar is an absolute winner at 80%. No comparison to T8 or T5. Easy to install. Even in conjunction with an HMF. I placed the pump for water cooling behind the mat filter. It functions perfectly. In my experience, a closed aquarium means that you must use only water-cooled bars. Otherwise the service life of the bars suffers.



Stephan L., Kit for Fluval Vicenza 180 (light requirement: high with Tropic, Day and Sky)
I installed the kit for the Fluval Vicenza 180 (1x Tropic, Day and Sky) in my new aquarium. The goods arrived quickly and were securely packed. Installation was very quick and done without a great deal of effort. However, I had three cables for the LED bars to thread outwards through the small openings in the cover. But it all worked out well and after barely 10 days of operation, the newly set-up aquarium is super. I would definitely order from LEDaquaristik again and I'm looking forward to a long service life from the LED bars. Many thanks!!



Udo, Two nano aquariums with side-mounted lamps on a SIMU-LUX
My two Dennerle Cube 60 litre tanks are now illuminated with eco+ Tropic 4500 K, Day 5500 K, Sky 6500 K and controlled by a Simu-Lux. The lamp housings and supports are perfect.



Tommy S. Juwel Lido 200TommyS_
My Lido 200 after one year with your lighting. I continue to be amazed and have already installed this lighting technology in friends' tanks. A classy product, best quality. I cannot praise you more highly. My Lido 200 after one year with your lighting. I continue to be amazed and have already installed this lighting technology in friends' tanks. A classy product, best quality. I cannot praise you too highly.








V. Richter 180L, dutch plant aquarium
Hi Mr Rüsing, After approximately 18 months, I am very, very satisfied with your products and my order dated 15.03.2015. The energy savings are huge and the quality of the light is very natural. Simply super!! Here are a few brief details about my tank: Aquarium: 100x45x50cm / 250 l gross / 180 l net, type: Dutch plant aquarium, lighting: 12 hours/day with 4 eco+ LED bars / 80 cm (1x Sunset, 1x Polar, 2x Day), light control by SIMU-LUX



T. Rollauer Juwel Rio 400 150x50x66 cm
I wanted to upgrade my tank to LED because of my high electricity costs. I was made aware of D. Rüsing and this website by a friend. Mr Rüsing is always there to give me speedy and valuable advice. I replaced both my original lighting bars with 2 side-mounted lamps. From front to back, I have 116cm Polar, Day, Day, Sunset. All lamps run at 80% during the day, which is comfortably more than enough. In the evening, the lamps are slowly reduced to 0 by the Simu-Lux light control system. Except after sunset, when I simulate moonlight for 30 minutes at 20%. All in all, a superb product that is easily installed, high quality and easy to operate.



Stephan Müller (1st Chairman Aquarienfreunde Hof / S. e. V.)
For several years, the Verein Aquarienfreunde Hof / S. e. V. has concerned itself with the issue of LED bars, listened to several interesting presentations from a well-versed member and gazed somewhat whimsically at his self-made demonstration models. With its obvious potential for energy savings on the one hand and the extremely diverse design options on the other, the technology is enjoying great popularity. The high procurement price and the possible need for "DIY" improvisations. were two reasons why we hesitated before taking our first steps immediately into the new technology.
That was until we were made aware of LEDaquaristik and Mr Rüsing. In 2013, after a short period of consideration, we ordered some 100cm LED bars light colour Day including accessories to conduct a trial. The order was processed promptly and our first experiences with the new light were very pleasing. The bars were built into a range of different environments. I have attached my LED bars to a chain and suspended them in an aquarium rack, other members have replaced many types of T5/T8 neon tubes including their fittings in standard aquarium covers produced by various manufacturers. One illustration of the technology's great success is provided by an association member with his 100x50x50cm aquarium, which instead of his previous 3x30W T8 neon tubes is now illuminated by just 1x 100cm LED bar light colour Day. Now, he not only uses a lot less electricity, he has overcome his algae problem and is delighted with his plant growth and the colour of his fish.
Emboldened by these positive experiences, I have ordered further LED bars of different lengths and light colours in several new orders and installed them in my "fish cellar". The LED bars I ordered in 2015 are still functioning without any problems and, together with the 2 year-old models, supply enough light to my aquariums ranging in size from 50x30x30cm to 150x60x60cm (each fitted with a single 30–120cm long bar) for plants such as Anubis, Java fern and Java moss to grow, even in the very large aquariums. In total, I personally have 20 LED bars in operation and am very satisfied with the price/performance ratio and light output. I can also speak very positively of the service and advice provided by Mr Rüsing.
Result: Any aquarium owner who is seriously looking to upgrade his lighting will be in good hands here and will have made the right choice.


V.Glase Juwel Trigon 350 with 1x80cm 1x30cm Day and Sunset controlled by Simu-Lux
Hi Mr Rüsing, Because my aquarium has been lit by lighting systems from your range of products for six months, I am delighted to give you some brief feedback. It was not easy to find a product on the market to provide suitable aquarium lighting. However, the LED bars you supplied have completely won me over. I have installed two Day and two Sunset systems. These were connected to Simu-Lux light control systems, which produced truly superb effects. Plant growth under these lights has been first class. Even the difficult HC Cuba in the foreground has grown to form a beautiful carpet. Under this light, my neons at last have the colour that led to their name. You can see them light up from several metres away. Also worth mentioning is the beautiful shimmering effect caused by slight water movements. To sum up – a satisfied customer.



J.Eckert 150cm aquarium with 3x 120cm eco+ LED bars (SUNSET, DAY, POLAR)
Hi Dennis, I have often ordered things on the Internet but to double the light in my Amazonian aquarium within 24 hours of placing my order has yet to be bettered. Installation took less than two hours and now I am enthralled. Double the light and a saving of over 80W. Your service is simply awesome!!! Many thanks for the lightning-fast processing and delivery.



Gordon P., Lido 120 aquascaping tank, 6x 50cm eco+ (1x SUNSET, 4x DAY, 1x SKY)
Hi Dennis, I upgraded my aquarium (Lido 120) to your LED bars, and the result after a couple of months is really impressive! Low-growing groundcover and other light-hungry plants are flourishing, and the tank's animal inhabitants (shrimps, snails) look to be feeling well. In the evening – on occasions when the aquarium is to be enjoyed for a little longer – the dimming feature is pure class.



P. Koerner Juwel Rio 400 with SunRiser 8
I have a Juwel Rio 400 with 4x T5 tubes. The problem is that the tubes have to be replaced every 6 months. That translates into money. Because my wife runs a seawater aquarium illuminated with LEDs, I thought I ought to extend its use into our freshwater zone. I searched on the Internet and, among all the other places, I landed here. Information about LEDs is VERY well explained. How to use the complete kits is also immediately understood. Short and sweet .... And since then I placed a big order. Relating to my 150cm tank ... Colour LED #1: DAY 5500K Colour LED #2: DAY 3500K Colour LED #3: DAY 7500K Colour LED #4: Tropic 4500K. And the special treat – moonlight colour LED #5: Royal Blue 465 nm This information is taken from my SUNRISER 8 :-) (ingenuously programmable over your LAN) The whole thing has now been operating for about 14 days as a suspended lamp approximately 15 cm above the tank. Out in the open. LEDs are more intensive than tubes. It took a little getting used to at first, but now my plants and I are delighted :-) THE ABSOLUTE TOPS  !!!!!!!!



T. Müller, Juwel Vision 450, 100cm eco+ LEDs
Hi Mr Rüsing!! I had long been looking for a solution to change my Juwel Vision 450 to LED lighting. However, I also wanted to keep the tank cover with the light battens. Unfortunately, I had not found anything suitable until I hit upon LEDaquaristik. After a lot of consideration, first one way then the other, I decided to order the required material from LEDaquaristik. I must say, I am thrilled in particular by the natural colour rendering of the fish and generally by the aquarium, which is awesome. I have 100cm bars in the colours Day, Tropic, Sunset, Polar, Red and Blue, all combined using the SIMU-LUX daylight simulator, which allows me to create a wonderful sunrise, sunset with clouds during the day and moonlight at night. Changing from the original T5 light battens was child's play. The fish and the plants look well. Many thanks for the super-quick processing of my order and the delivery of the goods, which were well and securely packed.
Thanks once again for everything. Every success for the future and best regards from Königssee !!!!



J.Uhlmann, Juwel Rio 400, 151x51x66cm, 2x DAY, 1x SUNSET, 1x TROPIC each 120cm eco+
Hi Mr Rüsing, First of all, many thanks for the super-quick processing of my order and delivery of the goods. The installation went well without any problems. The light is overall slightly darker than the old T5 tubes, which makes the colour rendering much more natural. Just look how the plants have grown. Many thanks and every success in the future!



Enrico G., 300L corner aquarium, 3x LED spotlight (E27) DAY 5500K 24W
After a long search for the optimum aquarium lighting, I hit upon LEDaquaristik. Above all it was the LED spotlight, which replaces conventional HQL spotlights, that captured my attention. Because I have a corner aquarium, a normal arrangement of aquarium lighting often fits only over the forward part of the tank. Because of this, I have been very dissatisfied with my aquarium lighting. I have now installed a total of 3 LED spotlights, which light the aquarium beautifully and are powered from a conventional E27 fitting. Previously, a lamp with 4x 24W T5 was installed, which not only lit the aquarium less well, it also consumed more electricity. I am very satisfied with the overall effect, the interplay of light looks really beautiful. 


Uwe K. (2x DAY, 1x SUNSET)
Hi Dennis. First of all, many thanks for your expert advice and help. ..Your LED bars are superbly manufactured and well worth the money....I now believe my tank 130x60x60 is well lit.....three bars are enough – I hope so anyway, because I have a lot of plants and mosses. ...ok – that will become apparent in good time. ...But right now I am super satisfied. ...Thank you once again for the help and advice. ...There's plenty for us to refer to in the future...  THANK YOU !!!


Martin G., 640L, 180x60x60cm, SUNSET, DAY, POLAR with SIMU-LUX
The lighting consists of three rows of 150cm LED bars (3x100cm + 3x50cm). The light control system allows me to program my own, individualised daily sequence from sunrise to sunset. The light colours show off the fish with their beautiful colours and the plants grow very well, including the groundcover plants at the front!



Manfred G., 140L aquarium, 3x eco+ 50cm DAY, TROPIC, SUNSET with SIMU-LUX
Hi Mr Rüsing, Many thanks for yet another quick delivery. At first I just wanted one blue and one red LED bar, but when I saw the colour spectrum of the Sunset 3500K, I wanted to test that too. I am very positively surprised by the superb colour rendering. I have mixed the LED bars using the Simu-Lux daylight simulation system and this has resulted in some great aquarium lighting effects.
Of course, 3 LED bars are more than sufficient for the 140 litre aquarium. 2 LED bars would have been enough in this case. But I have now learned a little about the light colours and how to mix them and in future I will be running the lamps at 40% yet still have approximately 1600 lm. I have, therefore, so much in reserve that I can adjust the lighting at any time to suit, e.g. special plants. A huge advantage offered by LED lamps.



Aquarienfreunde Brühl e.V. 1978, Ralf Kinzig
Hi Dennis, I could not be more satisfied with the LED bars. I ordered SUNSET and DAY with a dimmer and the light output is top-class. I run a Juwel Vision panorama tank and am really delighted with the light, which at last I can say looks natural. I also think the fish appear to be calmer and not so stressed. I'm pleased to recommend you without reservation. Thanks once again.



Torsten, 2x REEF, 1x MARINE, 1x CORAL in 30cm as side mounted lamp with SIMU-LUX
Have always read that often these Led-strips are not suitable for Weerwasser tank sein.Habei me now, since I already have one on my Malawi pool, me now some time a light attachment for my 60er sea water Nano zuzulegen.Ich can only say it works, and the corals grow and show a beautiful color. I believe the pictures say more than anything.



Thomas H., 300L Seawater, 2 x REEF 11000K, 2 x CORAL MIX
Since the beginning of 2015, I have been lighting my marine aquarium with LED technology from LEDaquaristik. The basin has just over 300 liters with the dimensions 140 cm wide, 45 cm deep and 50 cm high. Initially, there were 4 strips a 120 cm installed, one REEF 11000K, one CORAL MIX and two MARINE 13000. Since 2018 there was a small color change to twice REEF 11000K and twice CORAL MIX (see picture 1). The strips are mounted by the existing lamp box only 7 cm above the water surface, but almost equally distributed over the pelvic depth. The system is controlled by the 5-channel SIMU-LUX controller.
Compared to the previously operated four times T5 fluorescent tubes with 54 watts each, the power consumption has been halved with almost the same light output. This results in an electricity cost savings of 100 euros per year and the conversion to LED has already amortized after 4 years already. I care for soft and leather corals, as well as some SPS-hard corals with not so high light requirements. The past four years have shown that you can keep these corals quite successfully under LED light and can also multiply.
Also with the color reproduction I am satisfied. The original variant with the 13000K MARINE last was a bit too blue to me, now with only 11000K REEF in the combination CORAL MIX it is optimal for me. For seawater, I can well imagine the combination of ROYAL BLUE strips with a white, which is closer to the full spectrum, e.g. 6500K SKY or 7500K POLAR. An example of this Silke has already shown on this page.
In picture 2, I have shown times with the available LED strips different color combination. For interested marine aquarians this could be a helpful supplement to the color examples of LEDaquaristik.
I am very pleased with this lighting technology, and compared to other LED lighting systems it has a great price / performance ratio and offers the possibility of choosing a color combination adapted to the intended use or personal taste.




Silke, 400L Seawater, 4x POLAR, 3x ROYAL BLUE
The light is exactly how we imagined it! The corals are also very happy!!! The light colour is bright but very pleasant, the shimmering effect is only slightly present due to the quantity of LEDs, but despite this the swimming fish cast shadows, the corals are all open and create fine polyp patterns. Their colours are very beautiful too. Compared with the "old" lighting, a positive effect is that the smaller LEDs don't give rise to concentrated areas of light. Our tank is 130cm wide, 60cm deep and 50cm high. The LEDs are supported at about 17cm above the water surface.
Update: As I remarked before, all the corals are showing the best characteristics. They are growing, beautifully coloured and open for most of the day. Therefore I'm strongly convinced that the light suits them very well. The algae growth triggered by the change of lighting is continuing to reduce and is now nothing out of the ordinary. From all this, and the effects on the corals and other tank inhabitants, we are delighted to be able to give you this positive feedback. Growth is clearly better than was achieved under the other lighting, which must also be related to the all-round improvement in lighting conditions.



Other aquaristics

GMBU Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-, Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e. V.
We use your lighting systems in our laboratory for cultivating phototrophic microorganisms (microalgae and cyanobacteria) as well as various Lemna species (duckweeds). The compact design, controllability and spectral orientation of the LED bars are very suitable for constructing our experimental systems. The photo shows a classic 10 litre laboratory fermenter, which we have "enhanced" with 5x 30cm LED bars (a combination of Red/Sunset) from LEDaquaristik to make it perfect for algae cultivation.




B.Reher, several diffrent projects
Hi Mr Rüsing and the rest of the LEDaquaristik Team, All the best for the success of your online shop. Your range of products contains exactly what people need to set up their own customised aquarium or similar tank with LED lighting. Length, what you want – methods of fixing and support, what you need – light colours, well I'm spoilt for choice. Everything is professionally thought out. Quality and price cannot be beaten.
Light control – unimaginable possibilities with SIMU-LUX. Previously, just to provide light, I had 9 time switches operating in conjunction with different multiple distributors – 3 (offset time-switched lights) for each of 3 different lighting periods. With SIMU-LUX, there are 3 programs, which can be switched between at the press of a button, hence no more plugging and unplugging. Super !!!
Sunrise – I use a 20cm RED bar initially, after which SUNSET is switched in and the remainder of the bars later. I have also tried out the new GROW bar, but it didn't suit me for the sunrise (I wanted to keep the RED). It's good to try things out. Everyone has their own preferences.
Now the first 3m and 4 tanks are fitted with LEDs – all eco+ bars; the 190cm aquarium will have to wait a while. Here is a description of the bars I've used on the tanks along with a photo.


Paludarium (top, standard 80cm tank with 2 pumps via HMF for the waterfall and irrigation)
50cm SUNSET and 20cm RED, 2. 2x 30cm DAY, 3. 50cm GROW, 4. 50cm SKY, from back to front. Whether that is sufficient for the water section remains to be seen, but with your super system it is no problem to add to it later.

Desert (bottom, old 88cm tank with front pane removed) – it does not always have to involve water
50cm SUNSET and 20cm RED, 2. 2x 30cm TROPICAL



S.Reichert, 2x 20W LED spotlights TROPIC
The terrarium is lit by two LED TROPIC spotlights Andy is 80cm high. The spotlight is a beautiful colour and really bright. Since I installed the spotlight in my terrarium, the moss has grown on my back wall and so have the roots below it. The Bromeliads are also looking better. The moss has only looked good like this since the spotlights were introduced, and the Bromeliads were previously always rather seedy.