High-quality aqua illumination: Discover LEDaquaristik's innovative product range!




Create magical submarine worlds and authentic habitats for your fish with our innovative aqua illumination. High-quality components and materials offer endless solutions for your individual needs. Discover our product range that offers premium, but affordable, LED aquarium lighting solutions. 

LEDaquaristik's aqua illumination - suitable for both beginners and professional aquarists! Authentic lighting and natural transitions between day and night ensure the well-being of your fish and even stimulate plant growth. 

Satisfy individual needs: Benefits of aqua illumination


Fish and marine plants from different habitats have a large variety of unique demands that must be fulfilled. High-quality aqua illumination offers the ideal solution for aquarists that want to ensure and maintain the health of their beloved creatures. It convinces with a large set of benefits: 

  • Natural transition between day and night - Individual settings like sunsets and moonlight can also be added.
  • Combine different light colours in order to fulfill the individual requirements of different habitats.
  • Our powerful LED fish tank lights encourage plant growth and simplify their maintenance.

The use of LED aqua illumination is the ideal alternative to conventional lighting. An LED aquarium lamp is suitable for both fresh water and salt water. Especially salt water is very corrosive and usually reduces the life-span of aquarium lighting significantly. However, LEDaquaristik uses high-quality materials that are especially durable - even if used in salt water. Furthermore, LED lighting is very energy efficient, natural-looking, and affordable, which makes this kind of aqua illumination suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Versatile aqua illumination: Innovative LED lighting for your fish tank


LEDaquaristik offer almost endless possibilities and solutions for aqua illumination. Discover our affordable high-quality products and create your individual illumination kit:

  • eco+ LED bars
  • PRO2 LED bars with included heat recovery
  • LED spotlight HQL replacement
  • accessories for LED daylight simulation

Our product range includes 11 different colours that offer warm, cool or neutral lighting. Combine the LED bars with an aquarium LED strip or an aquarium light control system that creates natural and gradual sunsets and sunrises. Choose an LED aquarium lamp from our website and discover the advantages and possibilities of aqua illumination