Complete freshwater kits

You can find LED lighting for most popular sizes of aquariums in the category "complete kits". These lamps form part of the basic equipment necessary for keeping freshwater aquariums and can satisfy a wide range of lighting requirements.


You have various options for installing LED bars:

  • To install LED bar(s) in existing T5 or T8 waterproof tube sockets, we offer special holders.
  • Silicone feet. They allow you to install LED bars very simply, e.g. on the transverse or longitudinal struts or even on the cover plate.
  • Our lamp housing is manufactured in aluminium to a modern-looking design and has a very slender cross section. It is particularly suitable for open or glass/acrylic-covered aquariums and can be individually configured with our LED bars. The free choice of fastenings means it can be flexibly used as a side-mounted lampsuspended lamp or as a frame-mounted lamp as well as inside the aquarium cover.
  • With the LED adapter profile, JUWEL and EHEIM aquariums can be upgraded very quickly to a modern LED lighting system. The existing conventional T5 or T8 batten fittings can be replaced 1 for 1 and the cover plates retained.
  • Should you decide not to choose any of the above fastenings, then mounting brackets (eco+) or screws (PRO²) are included with the respective products and can be used to install the LED bars directly.
  • Among our "individual and replacement parts" you can find everything you need for a customised installation.

The many customer photographs on our "example installations" page will show you further possibilities and suggestions for your aquarium.


A daylight simulation system or other optional accessories such as extension cables or dimmers can be ordered separately according to need.

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